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Computer skin analysis

Kompjuterska analiza kože lica

Computer analysis of facial and neck skin

Before each treatment, in consultation with an expert, you can perform a free computer analysis of the skin.

Skin analysis is a software analysis of the skin, thanks to which we get information about the overall condition of the skin in the second and third layers. So, it is a detailed analysis of the condition of the deeper layers of the skin.

After the analysis, we get the software parameters expressed as a percentage and with them we can more easily determine the state.

Software parameters

  • Minor irregularities, blemishes, scars
  • Condition of pores and sebaceous ducts
  • Relief irregularity, roughness, unevenness of the skin in its surface
  • Wrinkle condition
  • Acne status and tendencies
  • Sunspots
  • Hydration or dehydration of the skin

In addition to the software parameters themselves, thanks to this analysis we can determine the skin type (dry, oily or combination), as well as the level of sensitivity.

Everyone's skin condition is unique, so this analysis is very useful.

After completing the analysis, we can much more easily determine which treatment or combination of treatments is most needed and beneficial to the client.

You can do a computer analysis in our salon, regardless of whether you schedule a treatment or not, and it is completely free.

Kompjuterska analiza kože lica