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Ozone capsule – Hyperbaric chamber

Ozonska komora

Oxygen capsule, OZONE and LED therapy in one!

Ozone capsule, an innovative treatment in the Beauty Salon "Dekac".

This treatment will deeply hydrate and nourish your skin, and with the simultaneous use of LED therapy, we will solve your problems with problematic skin, skin that looks tired and needs regeneration and rejuvenation.
VIOLET light stimulates skin regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes skin balance.
RED light slows down skin aging, increases collagen synthesis and improves skin quality.
BLUE light regulates sebum production, has an antibacterial effect and helps with problematic skin.
In addition to this, our ozone capsule has double LED panels, so we treat your scalp (scalp) at the same time.
With the use of a special place, ie serum, we will additionally enhance the effect of the ozone chamber, and maximally nourish your skin for the full effect.
Do not undergo aggressive interventions, visit us and get the most out of your skin in a natural way.

Ozonska komora