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Solarijum Salon Dekac

Darken healthy without redness - Chocolate lamps

Our Salon offers you the possibility of a healthy and flawless tan by sunbathing with mega sun solariums: LYING mega sun (7900 ultra power) and STANDING mega sun (space 2000). The advantage of a solarium is that it provides us with controlled and accurately dosed radiation for every skin type, while this is not possible in the natural sun. Solarium helps strengthen the immune system, prevent osteoporosis, improves circulation and strengthens the heart, increases vitality. If you still want a short-term and faster tan in just a few minutes, for a unique opportunity, we offer you the method of tanning with AIR BRUSH.

Black in 10 minutes

The air brush method is the most natural method of darkening the skin by spraying. Dark complexion is formed after the reaction of DHA and amino acids from the skin. Tanning lasts 7-10 days, depending on the preparation and skin care after that. The tan is gradually lost, and the color washes off without residue. There are no contraindications.

Air brush