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I-Shape – Losing weight and fighting cellulite

I shape mrsavljenje i uklanjanje celulita

What is I-shape?

I-shape is a revolutionary and unique device that uses electrostimulation technology to treat several different areas simultaneously, giving results in several sessions. EMS technology has been used for decades and is scientifically proven in the field of rehabilitation and the aesthetic sector. I-shape has dedicated years of study to improve and create a product that is indicated for the thighs, buttocks and pelvic floor.

What is the mode of action of the I-shape treatment?

I-shape works by deeply stimulating electrical impulses that cause high-quality muscle contraction with the aim of strengthening muscles, burning fat deposits and calories, tightening the skin and losing weight, all while lying down. It is also possible to use it during active exercises, with the help of which its effect is emphasized even more.

I shape mrsavljenje i uklanjanje celulita
I shape mrsavljenje i uklanjanje celulita

How does treatment with the i-shape system look like?

The therapy is maximally pleasant, not at all painful, lasts 25 minutes and is performed 2-3 times a week. The feeling is just like when you do active training, and the proof of that is the possible presence of muscle inflammation after the treatment.

Can it be combined with other procedures?
The I-shape treatment is ideal for combination with all procedures related to breaking up fat deposits and acting on cellulite. We practice anti-cellulite shockwave therapy, RTL (radio wave lifting) treatment, lymphatic drainage and maderotherapy. The therapy has no contraindications, is very safe and gives results already after several treatments.

I shape mrsavljenje i uklanjanje celulita