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Laser epilation

Laserska epilacija Salon Dekac


Laser hair removal is a medical, non-invasive and most effective method of permanent hair removal available in the world.

The laser for permanent hair removal works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis, direct contact with the skin surface. Laser hair removal can be done by people from adolescence to old age and has the same effect on both sexes. The most common reasons for resorting to laser hair removal are aesthetic (unwanted hair loss) and medical (excessive hair loss).

The effect of the laser is individual and ranges from 60-75%. The effect is certainly better with dark, preferably black hair, because the laser "recognizes" them more easily. It is very important that the hormonal status is normal, so before laser hair removal, consult with our professional staff. Before the treatment, an anesthetic cream based on Lidocaine or Cystocaine is rubbed in, in order to suppress the burning sensation that can be felt during the treatment to a greater or lesser extent depending on the region, as well as on the individual sensitivity. Treatments are usually repeated for 6 weeks, and it is usually necessary to do 7 treatments. In our salon, laser hair removal is performed with the new 808nm DIODE LASER, with which we achieve excellent results.
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