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Depilation is the process of removing unwanted hair in the finest way. The eternal fight against unwanted hair has become a part of everyday care.
Depilation achieves the effect of soft and smooth skin, and at the same time the necessary peeling is obtained, which removes dead skin layers.

Cold wax depilation

Cold wax depilation is a quick and very effective way to get rid of hair quickly. If you remove the small ones in this way, you will be calm for at least two to three weeks. The procedure of removing unwanted hair by cold wax depilation is done by applying a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth, and then the cosmetic depilation tape that is glued to the applied layer of wax is pulled in the opposite direction from hair growth. In this way, the hair is torn from the roots, and the skin becomes beautiful and smooth after a short time. With regular application of this treatment, the hair becomes thinner and the root becomes thinner.
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Hot wax depilation

Hot wax depilation is the most common type of depilation. In this way, the shortest and thinnest hairs are removed very successfully. The wax is heated to about 60 to 70 degrees and applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then cooled, it is removed from the skin with quick strokes. In this way, the hairs are perfectly removed because the wax pulls them out of the roots. Hot wax depilation is an ideal solution for lasting results that successfully eliminate the problem of ingrown small subcutaneous hairs. The heat of the wax allows the dermis to relax and enter the follicles, and the hairs are pulled out of the roots without tearing. The warm wax opens the pore and pulls the hair from the roots, it has an antiseptic effect and has no side effects.

Waxing with sugar paste

Sugar paste is a 100% natural hair removal product consisting of water, sugar and citric acid. It does not contain rosin, resins, paraffin oil, dyes, perfumes and preservatives. Therefore, it is very gentle on the skin and is used for depilation of all parts of the body, both for women and men. The citric acid in the product gently exfoliates the skin, removing only dead cells, without disrupting the skin's natural barrier function. The hair, which we covered with sugar paste together with the root, is pulled out whole by pulling, leaving no possibility of tearing, ingrowth and strengthening.

Depilacija šećernom pastom
Depilacija šećernom pastom Krusevac