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Aesthetic manicure and pedicure

Estetski pedikir

Aesthetic pedicure

Aesthetic pedicure is the removal of thickened skin on the feet (calus), filing and shaping of nails, as well as the processing of cuticles. Every month we can do a foot peeling or detox treatment with a therapeutic or relaxing massage. In the end, it is varnishing or feeding with adequate oil or serum of the client's choice.

Gel nail polish

After finishing the aesthetic pedicure, if you express a wish, you can also do gel nail polish on your feet. This way your toenails will be strengthened, they will stay tidy longer and you will enjoy your favorite color longer.

Pouring toenails
If your nails are damaged or too short for some reason, you can also do the nail polish, so that they are as beautiful and tidy as possible. After pouring, follow the gel polish in the color you choose and of course further decorating as desired.

Gel lak na nogama


In our salon we offer you a manicure service by experts, using professional aids and with the highest quality Cuccio cosmetic products and Alessandro products.
Manicure is the shaping and polishing of nails with trimming the cuticles, followed by rubbing Cuccio hand cream as well as a special nail oil, and of course, varnishing the nails as desired with Alessandro nail polishes.

Manicure with gel polish

After the manicure, instead of nourishing oil or ordinary nail polish, you can choose a gel polish or even a gel that can be applied to your natural nails. This way, your nails will be strengthened and stay beautiful longer.

Manikir sa gel lakom

Manicure with paraffin glove

Paraffin packaging
What we offer you with a manicure is a treatment with paraffin packaging, ie "paraffin glove", which deeply nourishes the skin of the hand, and paraffin enriched with essential oils gives the skin of the hand a unique and very pleasant feeling. In this way, we speed up the circulation, thus the skin becomes fresher, softer, more elastic and more resistant to external negative influences. Numerous experiences show that this treatment is also effective for rheumatic hand pain.

Manikir sa parafinskom rukavicom