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Mezoterapija tela

Body mesotherapy (Weight loss therapy)

The treatment is repeated 4-6 times every three weeks and we must note that mesotherapy can not completely lose weight, so we suggest, from experience, combining with radio wave frequency with cavitation (ultrasound), six-polar and a vacuum probe, as well as the application of lymphatic drainage. With such an approach, we have guaranteed success in removing cellulite and reducing body weight. Complete treatment should be accompanied by a diet that will provide support and complete treatment.
Body mesotherapy is an aesthetic-therapeutic method used in the treatment and decomposition of fat depots. Thanks to caffeine, trace elements and hyaluronic acid, fat deposits and cellulite are broken down. Acceleration of metabolism, better blood circulation in the regions of therapy, improvement of skin condition and loss of appearance ,, orange peel '' are what mesotherapy brings. When lipolytics, substances that permanently break down fat cells, are added to the cocktail, the excess fat gradually disappears from the endangered regions such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy is a treatment that applies mesotherapy cocktails in the form of minerals, trace elements, hyaluronic acid and vitamins to the facial skin with dermaroller or dermapen method. The treatments are done for the purpose of revitalization, deep nutrition, synthesis of collagen and elastin, but also as a treatment for tightening facial skin. A fast, efficient and painless way of applying the product gives the skin a completely new and flawless look. Mild redness occurs after treatment for a couple of hours to 24 hours.
There are no contraindications.

Mezoterapija lica