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Legs carry us through life. Let's reward them with proper care, because healthy and well-groomed feet affect the health of the whole body. The basic task of pedicure is to protect the feet and nails, as well as to prevent traumatic changes on them. Feet 2

Pedicure also has an aesthetic function in the warm period, when the nails and heel are exposed, but it is neglected in other months, because the feet are covered with shoes for most of the year and hidden from view.

Problems that a pedicure solves include foot care, toenails, fungal and bacterial nail infections.


Hands leave an important impression on others and say a lot about us. Manicured nails are one of the first things that people will notice.

Basic hand and nail care includes cleaning, repairing and recovering nails to grow healthy again, as well as a protective natural coating for care and shine.

When manicures, we use creams, peels, ampoules for hands that contain nutrients (vitamins H, A, F, moisturizing oils, d-panthenol).

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