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Nail extension

Nadogradnja noktiju

Nail extension

Nail extension is a method of nail plate extension. If you have weak nails that cannot maintain the length on their own, this method is the ideal solution to get the nails the length you want. Today, plastic extensions are used for this method, ie tips, which can be of different lengths, shapes and colors. After gluing the tips, the gel is applied to the nails as a reinforcement, and then the nails are decorated according to your wishes. The result is long, beautiful and strong nails.

Nail pouring

Nail pouring is a newer method of nail plate extension. It is done with a template, acrylic or gel with decorating as desired. Due to the excellent final results, this method has become very popular.

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Akrilni nokti

Acrylic nails

Acrylic is a very popular technique for extending and strengthening nails, especially for people with damaged nails or for people who bite their nails. Acrylic even allows you to make 3D decorations on your nails.

Gel polish

Gel polish is a more permanent variant of nail polish. It is ideal for people who are already satisfied with the length of their nails or want a completely natural effect. The gel polish will strengthen your nails to a certain extent without any damage to the nail plate. It can last up to a month and he is very grateful.

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