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Silk lashes – Russian volume

Svilene trepavice metoda 1 na 1

Silk lashes method 1 on 1

This method is a great choice if you want to emphasize the beauty of your look as naturally as possible. Upgrading lashes 1 on 1 will give you the required length and volume. It is done by carefully upgrading one silk eyelash on each of your individual lashes with a special glue.
With regular corrections, you can always have the most beautiful lashes.

Russian volume method

Russian volume is a method of lengthening and increasing the volume of lashes, where you yourself, in addition to the length, also choose the density of the same. Depending on how much density you want, you can choose 3D, 4D or go up to 10D (mega volume). So with this method you put on your single lash, a nice bundle of lashes, of 3, 4 or even 10 hairs. Here it is very important that the lashes are well made and as light as possible. With regular corrections, they can always be thick and beautiful, which can free you from everyday make-up.