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What exactly is HIFU treatment?
HIFU is a treatment that brings high-intensity focused energy to a specific depth in the skin, after which there is thermal coagulation of the tissue, which leads to tightening of the skin on the face and its better texture. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical method of wrinkle tightening, which guarantees results most similar to those that can only be obtained surgically.

How does this treatment work?
HIFU treatment stimulates and regenerates collagen completely, which in turn improves the texture and smoothness of the skin. Ultrasound heats the tissue in a controlled way to a depth of 4.5 mm, creating a large amount of collagen. What makes this treatment special is that it treats the SMAS tissue located in the third
layers of skin and muscles. As the skin relaxes, this tissue falls off, so it needs to be restored as close as possible to its original condition. After SMAS treatment, wrinkles are alleviated and the skin is tightened.

Who is eligible for this treatment?
A suitable candidate for this treatment is someone who has reached the age of 30+, who has noticed that the skin on his face and neck has become looser. Also candidates in 40+, 50+, 60+ are the most common age groups interested in this treatment.

What can be treated?
❖ General skin tightening and lubrication
❖ Lifting and tightening the door
❖ Tightening the chin
❖ Tightening the region around the eyes
❖ Reduction of nasolabial folds
❖ Pore reduction
❖ Lifting the upper lids
❖ Eyelid tightening
❖ Hydration of the skin

Ultrazvučni lifting  - HIFU

When are the first results visible?
Clients may witness some initial effects, but tightening and firming finally occurs after approximately three months, as collagen is renewed and replaced with new, stronger collagen. As this process of strengthening collagen continues, we can have further improvements within 6 months.

How long do HIFU results last?
Most people find that the results last a little over a year and a half, although annual treatments (starting treatment with revision treatment after 45 days) are recommended to prevent the aging process.

Is more than one treatment needed?
In order to achieve long-term collagen synthesis, you should do the ‘revision’ treatment with the spent ultrasound pulses as in the first initial treatment. The ultrasound revision treatment is best done in the next 45-50 days (a month and a half). It is recommended to use a line cartridge for the forehead and cheek area as well as the cheekbones, while for the orbital region, the area around the lips and neck with the chin we use PEN cartridges.
NOTE: All ultrasound lifting treatments will not cause erosion of the deeper layers (cutis and subcutis) and of course will not have any contraindications for you. Possible side effects are: tingling and tingling in regions where a stronger frequency and deeper penetration is applied. Thorny and deep tingling in these zones can last up to 3 days, but don’t worry about this because everything is temporary.
RESULTS: After the first treatment, we get a changed tissue configuration in the areas we treated. Zones of cheekbones, drooping cheeks, chin and zulufa region. The feeling of tightness of the deeper balance of the tissue, the velvety appearance of the skin is everything you will be able to afford 24 hours after the HIFU ultrasound lifting.

Contraindication to ultrasound lifting:
❖ In people who have an acute problem with n. Trigenimus et al. Facialis
❖ In autoimmune diseases in which the structure of the face and neck is disturbed
❖ In people suffering from chronic psoriasis
❖ In persons who have recently undergone surgery or undergone maxillofacial intervention
❖ In people with a problem with advanced periodontitis.
❖ Compatibility of Botox and hyaluronic acid with ultrasound lifting treatment
❖ We will give you a guide and explain how ultrasound lifting works after the application of Botox and hyacinth fillers.
❖ You can apply Botox ALWAYS after the application of ultrasound lifting treatment, preferably after 15 days of HI FU lifting.
❖ After applying Botox, you MUST wait at least three months and only after that come to the ultrasound lifting treatment.
❖ NOTE: Doing HIFU before the expiration of three months will lead to the return of the skin to its original state before the application of Botox, which means the application of Botox for 3 months break and only after that do the ultrasound lifting treatment.